Best LinkedIn post types for busy professionals

You can do well with 3 posts a week

You’ve most likely read tons of instructions on how to get engagement on LinkedIn. Many experts tell you that you have to post daily. But what if you’re just too busy to post daily or you don’t have ideas for content on daily basis. Well, here’s the thing, you can do well with 3 posts a week. Today I’ll share the best post types for busy professionals.

Carousel post. This underused post type is more popular on Instagram but it’s making its way now also on LinkedIn. Carousel post is often used by photographers and real estate professionals to showcase their work and include also testimonials to the cards they post as documents. Carousel posts can be used in many ways and the idea is to incorporate your brand design with some text and pictures. You can really stand out and drive engagement if you see some effort. Use Canva to create your own unique designs.

Doc post. Doc post is series of PDFs you share on your post. What you can do with doc post? Educate about your services, share your brochure, testimonials or highlight the written post by writing the main points and including relevant pictures or your brand colors as background. This post is a great way to build your brand and authority on LinkedIn. Canva is a great tool for creating your docs.

Poll post. Poll posts are quite popular on LinkedIn now because you can ask your audience a question and also learn a bit about them and their business. If you’re launching a masterclass, new product or service or a podcast, you can get good idea and prelaunch marketing through poll post as you can ask for opinion about the name, length or topic. You can effectively find out what is the main pain point your ideal clients have that you can solve. Getting your ideal clients involved helps you build your rapport and get them all excited about what you’re up to. Of course, some ask opinion on a controversial or avoided topic as these always trigger people’s emotions and get them to say what they think.

Video posts do well but take a bit effort as you need to know what you say and you need to make it effective. If you’re not comfortable in front of camera, you can do really well with the post types I mentioned. Videos are a great way to build a relationship as your audience can see you.and that in turn builds trust.

Are you making the most of LinkedIn yet?



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