Why you should invest in your LinkedIn profile

A well crafted profile that addresses the reader is crucial for your success. Instead of having no picture, a logo or just any picture as profile picture doesn’t build trust and invite the visitor to contact you. Having a proper headshot and banner in your profile get you noticed, build trust and also invite the right people to connect with you. 

Now, your headline is the opening into getting to know to you. Are you just one of the millions of accountants or web developers there or do you tell how you help your client to solve their problem and achieve their goal? A punchy yet sophisticated headline stands out and makes readers go to your profile to learn more about you. your profile picture, a proper headshot with a friendly smile on your face makes all the difference as it sends the message that you are easily approachable. Now you can also add a short 30 second video where you can introduce yourself and invite the visitor to get in touch with you. Many have been adding also features like opentowork tag to their profile but unless you’re a job seeker I’d recommend you don’t use them. If you’re hiring you can add the one that states that you’re hiring staff to your company.

But, what about your About section, your intro? Should you tell everything you’ve done in your life, what services or products you provide and go full steam ahead explaining about yourself and your experience or should you address the reader and look from the ideal client’s point of view? Definitely the latter one. Your profile is your shop window and your intro is where you address your ideal client and show the value and solution you provide. The about section is your chance to shine and build that initial trust and relationship.

After your long waited intro comes your experience and education sections. Take advantage of it by adding all relevant work experiences and write a short and punchy description how you helped your employer to achieve their targets and what value you added to the company. You can add also the review or testimonial of your previous employer there if he isn’t on LinkedIn. When you add education, make sure that you add the school and also any qualifications and certificates you’ve received as they add value and credibility to your profile.

Last but not least is your chance to shine and showcase what your employers and clients have to say. Ask them to write a recommendation and be specific about what you’d like to have addressed in it. The help, the result and how great you are at what you do.

If you craft your profile properly, it will be a lead generator along with your content and this is why you should invest in your LinkedIn profile.

When is the last time you’ve updated your LinkedIn profile?


Author: niinacommunications

Business Coach and Consultant helping start-ups and SMEs build a solid foundation and strategy for growth. With a decade of experience in sales and marketing communication working with multinational corporations in telecom and security and 3 decades of practical experience in effective communication she helps businesses develop and thrive. Having helped a timber exporter close sales worth 1,2 million euros in one day and having helped her clients generate leads and enquiries worth 10+ k GBP she has strong understanding on what works.

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