Are you struggling to build or develop a thriving business?

At Niina Communications we provide reliable and customer centric business consulting services. We help you to review your business plan and strategies so you can grow your business and achieve your goals. Our vast experience helps us to identify your unique strengths and market opportunities as well as areas where you need to develop your business. We work together with you and your team to audit, develop and implement strategies that are vital for your growth. What most other consultants don’t do is help your organization to develop and work together resulting in competitive advantage and increased performance. Our advantage is that we can also support your staff and help you build an intelligent organization where everyone works together for the common goal.

We have helped a green tech start-up with business planning and strategic partnership negotiations to assist them grow their business and landed them opportunity to work with Germany’s largest energy provider as well as a 50M euro offer.

We helped UAB Baltic Ltd grow their partner base on their Finnish online store with effective customer acquisition strategy.

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