Let’s talk about purpose

“Without a purpose you’re lost.” – Niina Keituri-BenMabrouk

Just like you’ve asked yourself the question WHY you do things the way you do, why you are who you are? You need to ask the same question about your business. Purpose is the red thread that actually builds your vision and mission in your business as well as your brand.

However, many SME and startup owners forget to define their purpose. when you want to write a business plan that sells or differentiate from your competitors, you need to take a deep dive into the real purpose you started your business. It’s not enough to say “I want to become the next Elon Musk or Steve Jobs. I want to be rich.” This is not a powerful purpose, it’s the result of you defining the true purpose for setting up your business, building and developing your business and scaling it up. 

So, what is PURPOSE? It is the reason why you started providing services, it’s the whole package that includes your values, your promise to your ideal clients and the true passion towards your craft. My purpose is to help startup and SME business owners achieve their true potential by helping them build, develop and scale up their business successfully through proper planning and communication. I help my clients to stand out from the crowd and be the ones that ge chosen over others. I want to impact lives positively.

However, it’s not enough just to write down your purpose, you need to walk the talk. Let me give you an example. I had a green tech startup as a client. They wanted to enter European market and were looking for a strategic partner.They had only a poorly designed pitch deck and pdf letter that was full of unnecessary information. I wrote for them a business plan that sells, pitch deck and designed and wrote copy of their website. I also built a list of companies to contact and contacted them. Out of 12 companies, I got 2 answers. One declined after initial meeting but second one who had sent meeting link within 24 hours from receiving my email took it to the second round and wanted to propose offtaking deal worth 50Mn and potential partnership, this was within 2 months from the initial contact. 

When you want to start writing any type of business plan or strategic plan including marketing plan or strategy, start with your purpose. Define who you help, why you help, how you help, why you are different from others, what is your core WHY.

I love helping as many people as I can and for that reason I’ve also created resources that help you get started. My latest book called Develop Your Thriving Business is one way I help business owners. It’s described as a complete business plan and guide on running business successfuly.  

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Author: niinacommunications

Business Coach and Consultant helping start-ups and SMEs build a solid foundation and strategy for growth. With a decade of experience in sales and marketing communication working with multinational corporations in telecom and security and 3 decades of practical experience in effective communication she helps businesses develop and thrive. Having helped a timber exporter close sales worth 1,2 million euros in one day and having helped her clients generate leads and enquiries worth 10+ k GBP she has strong understanding on what works.

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