Business Coaching

Do you want to achieve sustainable growth?

Over 90% of startups fail within 3 years and most SMEs are having issues growing. It’s not enough that you have a product or service. You need to have a proper business plan that is updated regularly, skilled staff, innovate and communicate effectively both internally and externally.

Each year companies and organizations leave 60+ million dollars on the table due to poor communication. Each year businesses struggle because they don’t develop and innovate. 

How can we help you?

At Niina Communications we take our 3 decades of practical experience in effective communication combined with over a decade of experience in sales and marketing in multinational corporations to help you take your communication to new heights. We have helped also a timber exporter close two sales totaling 1,2 million euros in one day resulting in scaling the business.

We provide tailored business coaching to help startups and SMEs not only to survive but also to develop their business to thrive. Sales and marketing coaching helps you to become more innovative and efficient in sales and marketing communication resulting in a faster process and an increase in sales. Our internal communication training and organizational development coaching helps you to solve issues within teams and between departments so your company can transform into intelligent organization resulting in competitive advantage in market and sustainable long-term growth. We can help you to

Improve your communication

Have more engaged employees

Get more referrals

Sell more

Know what to say so others buy into you and your words

Prepare a presentation that gets applause when finished

Achieve competitive advantage in the market

Achieve sustainable long-term growth

Niina helped me with interview preparations and through her kind words of encouragement I was able to give a good interview and was offered the role. I am grateful for the assistance that she gave me and she helped me believe in myself more so that I can secure the role. Would definitely recommend her coaching as it helped me.” – Nadine Virgo, Estate Services Supervisor

Are you ready to grow your business?. 

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