LinkedIn content made simple and effective

Getting started with LinkedIn content

You may wonder what is a good LinkedIn post. There are actually as many opinions as there are people but I’m going to make it simple for you to understand what makes a great post, not good one. In this article you learn the art of LinkedIn content made simple and effective.

Structure: as many LinkedIn users also use the LinkedIn app, you definitely want to pay attention to structure. Short sentences and section breaks make it easier for mobile users to read and they make the posts more appealing visually. 

Style: people buy from people so instead of going for cold selling in posts building trust and relationships are something you want to go for. Conversational, value adding posts that provide advice help you stand out from others. You also need to show who you are by being authentic. Trying to be like the others doesn’t help as it just makes people think you follow others instead of having something better to offer, a solution that could bring even better results. You also want to use closed questions to get readers to engage and also open up in more depth and that initiates a dialogue you can continue also in direct messages and a call. 

Consistency: to get result on LinkedIn, just like with any other platform what you need is consistency. You need to show up regularly to stay in mind of your audience. Some say 2-3 posts per week is enough, others say you should aim for 5-7 posts per week. However, it’s quality over quantity and you also need to answer comments and also engage in content others post so, my advice is to go with your own instinct. You don’t need to get for yourself a social media burn out. 

Keeping it fresh: since you post, you also want to keep it fresh. The easy way to do it is changing subjects and using different types of posts. Stories, written posts, document posts, video posts and yes also picture posts are all great. If you’re not into getting in front of the camera for LinkedIn stories or a video post, you can easily get traction by using the other post types I mentioned. Doc posts give you a chance to include pictures and main key points to enhance your message.  You can also create a video post from pictures you have to reap benefits of video post. Remember to mix both business and personal posts as it helps you keep your feed interesting and build the foundation of relationships. You shouldn’t forget the hash tags  either as they help people find your posts and LinkedIn puts them into relevant categories based on them. 


What’s your experience on LinkedIn? Are you having a smooth sail or are you learning how to leverage the great platform and its possibilities? 

Communication specialist

Niina Keituri-BenMabrouk

“Building your presence isn’t an overnight game, but your efforts will pay off once you have clarity and use your own unique voice.”


Author: niinacommunications

Business Coach and Consultant helping start-ups and SMEs build a solid foundation and strategy for growth. With a decade of experience in sales and marketing communication working with multinational corporations in telecom and security and 3 decades of practical experience in effective communication she helps businesses develop and thrive. Having helped a timber exporter close sales worth 1,2 million euros in one day and having helped her clients generate leads and enquiries worth 10+ k GBP she has strong understanding on what works.

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